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If adrenaline floats your boat, you’ve come to the right place. Ziplining through a Central American Jungle? Check. Climbing about on the roof-tops of Stockholm, Sweden? Check. Trying out tropical bobsledding, Jamaican style? Check. Our writers have the photos to prove their dedication to their jobs –not to mention the bruises. Don’t forget to check out our other sections: this site is full of adventure.

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Adventure Travel: The Bucket List


Into the Wide Blue Yonger

Learning to Pilot a Boeing Stearman in Central Florida

“Okay, Chelle, now we’re going to try a stall,” I heard through my headset. My heart, reacting in kind, seemed to stop. I knew it was coming. Flight instructor Rob Lock had forewarned us during our ground briefing at Fantasy of Flight, an aircraft-obsessed attraction between Tampa and Orlando. Our repertoire ...
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Taking the Plunge At Victoria Falls, Zambia

Oddly, the high point of my trip to Zambia in Africa wasn't watching nearly extinct white rhinos from 30 paces, or seeing so many hippos in a river that I lost count, or walking next to zebras, or even the surprise bubble bath with a river view. No, it was jumping ...
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Mudwalking in Northern Holland

Mud-Walking through a UNESCO Site in Northern Holland

After we reach the age of eight or nine, most of us regard mud as something to step over or walk around. I considered this as I slogged across what appeared to be an endless mudflat at Noordpolderzijl, in the north of Holland. I wasn’t alone – in the mud ...
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Flying through the jungle

Ziplining in Thailand near Chiang Mai

Our guide approaches us, his nose seemingly buried in what looks like an instruction manual with the words "trainee instruction book" handlettered on the cover. He is holding it upside down and wearing a big grin. The upside-down part, at least, seems arguably appropriate; A few minutes later, we'll have a ...
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St. Lucia zipline through the rainforest

Ziplining in St. Lucia: Flying over the Tropical Rainforest

It's a different perspective up here. Standing on a small wooden platform that is securely bolted to a tree, I'm looking down perhaps 100 feet to the ground over a tangle of variegated greens: Gray greens, blue greens, lime greens, deep greens, even purple greens. The next platform is eight ...
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High Flying Adventure

Heli-Hiking in British Columbia

The scenery is, quite simply, epic. I've drawn the lucky window seat in the helicopter, giving me an eagle's eye view of two hulking towers of rock, close enough to touch. It's like one of those movie moments, when the music gets big and the camera lens widens to the ...
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