Adventures in North America

Feats of treetop insanity.

Playing in the Tree Tops at TreeUmph! in Florida

That moment when you realize you will be hooking up your own harness hardware (sans supervision) to the 650-foot TreeUmphant! zip line that is the grand finale to the new aerial base camp experience outside of Bradenton, Florida. Or when you realize that despite all training, you are coming into ...
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The Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario were at author Laura Byrne Paquet's feet on the CN Tower EdgeWalk. Photo courtesy of CN Tower EdgeWalk.

Walking the EdgeWalk high on the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

I leaned backwards on a catwalk 1,168 feet above downtown Toronto, with my arms spread wide like Leonardo DiCaprio on the prow of Titanic. Even though you couldn't pay me enough to skydive (fear of falling) or scuba dive (fear of suffocation), heights have never been among my phobias. I ...
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Soaring Underground

Ziplining at Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky

The neatest thing about zipling in a cave is that jumping off the platform means soaring into almost total darkness. Kentucky’s Louisville Mega Cavern is the only place to have this experience. The course in the 100-acre cavern (formerly a man-made limestone pit) consists of six zips and three suspended bridges. Many ...
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Snow cat groomer makes its way down a ski slope at Sun Peaks Resort, BC, Canada. Photo by Jayson Ryland/Sun Peaks

Riding A Snowcat Groomer Into the Sunset in British Columbia

They come out at night and do their job. You can see their lights progressing across the ski slope and occasionally hear their roar. And the next morning, they’ve left this delicious set of corduroy tracks across the ski hill. I’d always wanted to go on slope with a snowcat groomer ...
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Elements and criss-cross each other at different heights, depend on the level of the course.

Sky-Walking and Ziplining in the Berkshires: Catamount’s Aerial Adventure Park

As a travel writer, I frequently roam across the globe, but this time, my destination is walking distance from my house: a quarter mile, as the crow flies. I live on the side of the Catamount Ski Area on the border of Massachusetts and New York. A couple of years ...
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Sonoma Zipline

Ziplining in the Sonoma Canopy, California

Redwoods shouldn’t sway. At least not in my mind, anyway. These enormous, ramrod straight trees grow for centuries, stretching hundreds of feet skyward, while widening and thickening their trunks. Heck, here in northern California you can even drive a car through the trunks of several of these behemoths, they’re that ...
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Dells Zipline

Ziplining in Wisconsin Dells

I hate heights. I really hate heights. So why in the world am I perched on the edge of a sky-high platform, ready to step off into the abyss below? Because my family wants to try ziplining, that’s why. And though terrified, I don’t want to be left out. Ziplining's ...
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Quebec Winter Carnaval

Embracing the Cold at the Quebec Winter “Carnaval”

I'm standing on a platform high above Quebec City's Plains of Abraham while some guy is attaching my body harness to a long cable. One by one, my friends and I jump, swooping on a zip line over the clowns, the kids on toboggans, and the snow sculptures of Winter Carnaval's Place Desjardins. It's cold. Probably ...
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