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What is it about staring out at the thin line between blue sea and blue sky that stops time? Cruises come in all guises from luxurious ocean behemoths to riverboats and barges to ice-cutters and small ships that dock in tiny ports no one has ever heard of.

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Cruises: The Bucket List

Yellow-eyed penguin in nest (Courtesy Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust)

Searching for the Yellow-eyed Penguin in New Zealand

The word “maybe” is out. We might see some, but there is no guarantee. Do we still want to go? We do. A guide points to our transportation--an 8-wheel-drive Argo--a cross between a tractor and a boat. We'll be taking this vehicle to see the penguins that live in the ...
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Ruins of abandoned houses, St. Kilda (Copyright Stillman Rogers Photography)

Stepping into the Past on Scotland’s St. Kilda Archipelago, a UNESCO Site

The taste of salt was strong on the wind as we sailed past cliffs that dropped to a wave-dashed tumble of stones below. Beyond this cluster of cliff-bound islands known as St. Kilda, open Atlantic stretched to the gray line of the horizon. The Hebridean Princess slipped into a little ...
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Steep headlands in Scotland's Outer Hebrides

Cruising Scotland’s Islands on the Hebridean Princess

As we approached the ship, an opening skirl sounded from a piper on the upper deck, and he piped us aboard to the rousing strains of Scotland the Brave. So began our immersion into Scotland’s Western Isles, where more often than the highland pipes, the cries of swooping gannets, the mournful ...
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Sailing on Penobscto Bay

Sailing Maine’s Penobscot Bay on a Timberwind Music Cruise

I am sitting on Warren Island in Maine's Penobscot Bay, watching a mountain of lobsters redden on an open fire. Bob Tassi -- ship captain, Grammy-award winning recording engineer, and musician -- is playing songs written by his grandfather on the accordion. In the protected waters to the east of ...
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L'Austral anchors in Patmos, where St. John wrote Revelations.

Sailing the Greek Isles on L’Austral: A Moonlit Mediterranean Music Cruise

For some reason, concert pianist Gilles Vonsattel had never learned to play Clair de Lune, a staple of the piano repertoire. But strolling the decks of Compagnie du Ponant's mega-yacht, l'Austral on a moonlit evening on the Aegean Sea, he was inspired to learn the Debussy classic. Two days later, ...
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Feeding fish underwater with a tube in Moorea's lagoon.

Walking Underwater in Moorea, French Polynesia

I am staring at the eighty-pound helmet that will encapsulate my head: Will it be as weightless underwater as I am told? And the stingrays are on my mind too: One killed the Australian diver and conservationist Steve Irwin. I am only partially reassured when our guide says that if ...
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Colorful buildings of Ilulissat sit on the edge of the town's ice choked harbor. Photo by Yvette Cardozo

Feeling The Arctic In Greenland

Ilulissat means "iceberg" in Greenlandic. And indeed, there are icebergs here. On a cruise that covered a good chunk of the high arctic from Canada to Greenland, this place was the standout -- but not just for the ice. First, however, a comment about that "high arctic" term. We're talking here ...
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alaska glaciers

Seeing National Park Highlights on a Cruise of Alaska’s Inside Passage

“Look there, in the top of that tree,” our raft guide whispered, pointing to a massive cottonwood tree near the river’s edge. Eight bodies in the raft with me turned and squinted, followed almost immediately by emitting a series of ooohs and aaaahs. The target of our vision quest was just ...
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