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What is it about staring out at the thin line between blue sea and blue sky that stops time? Cruises come in all guises from luxurious ocean behemoths to riverboats and barges to ice-cutters and small ships that dock in tiny ports no one has ever heard of.

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Cruises: The Bucket List

The Reef Endeavor. Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

Cruising the International Dateline in Fiji

The International Dateline is one of those travel destinations that often eludes even the hardiest of buckettrippers.  It's out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the place where today becomes tomorrow or where yesterday is really today.  Travel east and you lose a day. Travel west and you gain ...
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sunset over Nile

Visiting Egypt’s Ruins from a Nile River Cruise

Look at a physical map of north Africa -- a map with brown mountains and green forests and beige deserts -- and you will see thousands of miles of sandy beige, and, then, a thin green line. The Nile. Life giver. In ancient times, the rising and falling of the ...
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Houseboat on the St. Johns

Exploring the St. Johns River in Florida by Houseboat

“C’mon, c’mon…drat!” For the last twenty minutes, I’ve cast out into the shallows on the edge of the Hontoon Dead River, where the bass have been surfacing, nibbling at flies, since we anchored. It’s my first attempt at using a rod and reel, and despite the best efforts of my tutor, ...
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Baltic Cruise

Large Ship Cruising in the Baltic Sea

"So, what does a typical Russian look like to you?" asked our young guide, Natasha. "Is this man a typical Russian? What about that one?" She pointed on the street to perfectly ordinary looking people: No fuzzy bear hats or Cossack boots or folk clothing in sight. Which was exactly her point. In ...
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Victory Chimes under full sail (photo c. Fred LeBlanc)

Sailing on the Victory Chimes, a Maine Windjammer

Here's what I noticed when I stepped aboard the Victory Chimes for a week-long cruise on the Maine coast. Almost all the cabins are belowdecks, and they are teeny -- mostly bunkbeds, so we're not really talking romantic cruise here. There's just enough floor space to change clothes. Showers and ...
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Sailing the Grenadines on a Traditional Schooner

The wind is slow and lazy, so slow, in fact, that we are barely going anywhere, and the boat rocks as gentle as a cradle. I'm measuring our progress (such as it is) by comparing our position to the occasional island; a very slow turtle (the land kind, not a ...
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