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Exploring the world by your own two feet: hiking and climbing are not for the hurried. Whether you’re on an epic trek like the Camino De Santiago or the Appalachian Trail, or an afternoon walk in the woods in an urban forest, hiking can be a walking meditation, soothing stress. Climbing, on the other hand, takes a Zen-like focus to detail. Each involves your feet, your hands, and your attention to your body. Set your own pace and enjoy the journey!

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Hiking and Climbing: The Bucket List

Isle Royale footpath (Sandra Friend)

Backpacking Isle Royale National Park

It's June, and the mosquitoes are relentless. I set my tent up in a clearing high on the hill above McCargo Cove, and I feel like I'm in a coffin. It's a small backpacking tent, just big enough for me and my pack, with seams and zippers doing their duty ...
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Copy of Just a Local Swimming Hole

Hiking to the Seven Waterfalls of Juayua, El Salvador

Honestly, I think we picked the location first for its name: Juayua. Not only was the spelling aesthetically pleasing in its arrangement of letters, but the pronunciation—Who-ah-you-ah—had sent my wife Emma and me into fits of giggles. Strange how some words just do that. Whatever the case, we were fortunate ...
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Seneca Rocks WV

Squeezing Through Stones in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

Sitting on the deck of the Front Porch Restaurant, chowing down on a slice of pizza, I had a grandstand view of the rock climbers scrambling up above me. Distinctly tilted and sparkling in the summer sun, the 900 foot tall wall of quartzite has hundreds of different rock climbing ...
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Seymour Tower and Intertidal Reef (photo: Anthony Toole)

Crossing Jersey’s Intertidal Reef to the Seymour Tower

Along the south-east coast of Jersey, stretching from St Helier to Gorey, the seabed is so shallow that at low tide an area of 17.5 square kilometres becomes exposed, making this one of the largest intertidal reefs in the world. Because of this, the area was declared a wetland of international ...
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View of Sugar Loaf from Cristo Redentor Statue (©Coen Wubbels)

Marveling from the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thus far thick traffic and having to watch my back had made me wary of the city but after a leisurely walk up the Sugar Loaf, I took in the view and suddenly understood the spell that visitors as well as Cariocas – Rio de Janeiro's residents – fall under. Even ...
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The Beautiful Blue Coast of Heybeliada

Ferrying to the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul

On the ferries to Princes’ Islands, I would always drink copious amounts of tea. Waiters with dangling trays roamed up and down the decks touting chai for less than a dollar, delivering a tear-drop Turkish tea cup on a little glass saucer, complete with spoon and paper-wrapped sugar cube. Usually, ...
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