Hikes and Climbs in Europe

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Hikes and Climbs in Europe: The Bucket List

Bolton Priory

Rivers and Waterfalls: Hiking Yorkshire’s Dales Way

It rained much of the way, we got lost once or twice and my boot got stuck in the mud. But none of this mattered. We were walking through some of England’s most beautiful countryside, following rivers, dales and moorland. Apart from the sheep we had the place to ourselves. In ...
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Strolling Through Nature on the Suffolk Coast, England

I had been sitting for less than a minute. The surrounding expanse of heather played a seemingly infinite set of variations on the theme of purple interrupted by contrasting yellow patches of knee-high gorse. A sudden movement, and a tiny bird disappeared into a taller clump of gorse. As I ...
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High Force

Seeking the Teesdale Assemblage, County Durham, England

The Durham Dales often take one a tiny step beyond the magic. While their more illustrious southern neighbours, the Yorkshire Dales have their own unarguable beauties, I always feel that Weardale and Teesdale offer just that little bit extra. And they have an uncanny habit of tossing the odd free ...
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The entrance through the Passion facade (Ann Burnett)

Awe-struck at the Sagrada Familia Basilica, Barcelona, Spain

Our first view of the Sagrada Familia is from the top of Montjuic Hill at the end of the funicular ride up from the Ave Paral.lel. My eyes sweep over the panorama below Barcelona, and then, rising above it, the unmistakeable shape of Gaudi’s masterpiece. Even from this distance, it ...
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Ridgeway Trail

Walking in the Path of our Ancestors on England’s Ridgeway

There was no sound but the rustle of the breeze and the faint hum of insects. Brightly coloured butterflies flitted between the flowers and a red kite circled overhead. A perfect English summer’s day. In Your Bucket Because... The route is peppered with ancient and prehistoric sites You will walk through ...
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'Roman Legionaries', Housesteads Fort

Following the Roman Legions Along Hadrian’s Wall

As I left the car park at the side of Cawfields Quarry, I was glad of the breeze, for the day promised to be hot. I followed the footpath along the pond’s edge, past the tall quarry face and gently uphill to the walls of Milecastle 42. The section of ...
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