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The forces that made those scenic mountains also caused gold to run in veins, and thermal baths to bubble, and volcanoes to erupt. The animals you see on safari have a long history of ecology and evolution. Science museums and activities explain the world. Whether it’s an active gold panning tour or a quiet afternoon in a museum or a tour of a volcanic park, science- and geology-themed activities make what you see make sense.

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Science and Geology: The Bucket List


Exploring Naracoorte Caves, South Australia’s World Heritage Site

Having booked an afternoon tour of the Naracoorte Caves, we drove the 200-plus kilometres from Hall’s Gap, in the Grampian Mountains, as fast as safety and the law allowed. Brendan, our son did the driving. Therese and I just clung to the seats. We need not have hurried. By crossing ...
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The vast basin that is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Soaking in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Steam swirls into fog in this otherworldly basin of chalky blue and black as I attempt to slowly lower myself into the water. It has not been a good week for me. My knee went out a few days before boarding a plane to Iceland, and I've been hobbling around ...
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The Icelandic Phallological Museum has had a couple of homes, but moved to its current location in the shopping district of Reykjavik in 2011. Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

Visiting the World’s Most Embarrassing Museum

I had been exploring the museum for a little more than an hour, appreciating the exhibits, enjoying the art and learning quite a few new things. That's what good museum experiences are about, right? But before I left to continue my exploration of other interesting sites in the area, I decided ...
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High Force

Seeking the Teesdale Assemblage, County Durham, England

The Durham Dales often take one a tiny step beyond the magic. While their more illustrious southern neighbours, the Yorkshire Dales have their own unarguable beauties, I always feel that Weardale and Teesdale offer just that little bit extra. And they have an uncanny habit of tossing the odd free ...
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A view of Iceland's lava fields

Journeying to the Center of the Earth at Thrinukagigur Volcano, Iceland

“Because it’s Sunday,” says Saga (pronounced Saya), swinging her long blonde plait as the minibus accelerates away from Reykjavik’s Hafnastraeti car park, “I have a treat for you. Candy!” She holds up a box of chunky-looking chocolate-covered biscuits and beams at us. “These are called ‘hraun,’ Icelandic for lava, because they ...
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Devil's Lake from the top

Studying the Ice Age at Devils Lake, Wisconsin

The difference could not be more stark than if I had flown to the moon. Less than a half an hour ago, I'd been dodging shrieking, laughing kids headed for waterpark fun in one of the many family-oriented resort-and-amusement parks of the Wisconsin Dells. Now, just three miles south of ...
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