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The forces that made those scenic mountains also caused gold to run in veins, and thermal baths to bubble, and volcanoes to erupt. The animals you see on safari have a long history of ecology and evolution. Science museums and activities explain the world. Whether it’s an active gold panning tour or a quiet afternoon in a museum or a tour of a volcanic park, science- and geology-themed activities make what you see make sense.

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Science and Geology: The Bucket List

The moon seen through a telescope (©photocoen)

Stargazing through a Telescope at Chile’s Cerro Mamalluca

  The sun was setting on my arrival; it was still too early to see all the planets and stars. Our guide suggested to take a look at the moon. One by one we moved behind the telescope and admired a half-full moon. It felt so close that if I reached ...
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'Roman Legionaries', Housesteads Fort

Following the Roman Legions Along Hadrian’s Wall

As I left the car park at the side of Cawfields Quarry, I was glad of the breeze, for the day promised to be hot. I followed the footpath along the pond’s edge, past the tall quarry face and gently uphill to the walls of Milecastle 42. The section of ...
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Dance Hall Cave at Maquoketa Caves State Park (Sandra Friend)

Climbing through Maquoketa Caves State Park, Iowa

"What's up there? Is that where you hide your gold?" A young man, perhaps eight years old, peeped out of a hole in the solid rock face of the cliff. He was somewhere in the twisty windy chambers of Up-N-Down Cave, while his father stood near us on the hiking trail ...
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No Safety Rails on the Reservation

Sky-walking over the Grand Canyon

Not many bridges are in the shape of a horseshoe, which brings to mind the fact that most bridge engineers have not dealt with the problems of building one. And, most bridges aren’t see-through; they are usually constructed of metal, or, at the worst, layers of sturdy wood. And, most ...
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Viewing Atlantis (NASA/Kennedy Space Center)

On a Mission with Space Shuttle Atlantis

Every morning, I wake up looking at a Space Shuttle, a career space worker by my side. The model reminds John of his 33 years with the program. Where we dine with his parents, photographs of launches and astronauts grace the walls. When the sheriff's car goes past, the logo ...
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Soaring Underground

Ziplining at Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky

The neatest thing about zipling in a cave is that jumping off the platform means soaring into almost total darkness. Kentucky’s Louisville Mega Cavern is the only place to have this experience. The course in the 100-acre cavern (formerly a man-made limestone pit) consists of six zips and three suspended bridges. Many ...
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