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The forces that made those scenic mountains also caused gold to run in veins, and thermal baths to bubble, and volcanoes to erupt. The animals you see on safari have a long history of ecology and evolution. Science museums and activities explain the world. Whether it’s an active gold panning tour or a quiet afternoon in a museum or a tour of a volcanic park, science- and geology-themed activities make what you see make sense.

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Science and Geology: The Bucket List

Sterling Hill Ore under ultraviolet lamps

Finding Fluorescence at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum, New Jersey

A constant drip of water accompanies us as we follow our tour guide into the depths of an old zinc mine in Ogdensburg, New Jersey. It is pouring outside, so the occasional drips on us as we walk down the mine tunnels aren't a big deal. It's a little muddy ...
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Seneca Rocks WV

Squeezing Through Stones in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

Sitting on the deck of the Front Porch Restaurant, chowing down on a slice of pizza, I had a grandstand view of the rock climbers scrambling up above me. Distinctly tilted and sparkling in the summer sun, the 900 foot tall wall of quartzite has hundreds of different rock climbing ...
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The Lone Swimmer

Swimming in Sacred Water: Semuc Champey of Guatemala

As I look down from the heights of El Mirador, the pools of Semuc Champey appear as expanses of turquoise set between limestone ridges. It occurs to me that El Mirador -- it means a viewpoint -- is a name far too common in Central America or, at the very ...
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Beautiful tufa towers of Mono Lake. Photo by Yvette Cardozo.

Wandering The Tufa Towers Of Mono Lake

Years ago, I stopped at California’s Mono Lake on a bike trip. I was hot, tired and ready for the day to end. I briefly looked at the lake’s famous tufa mounds, felt the greasy, salt-laden water and left. I’ve always wanted to go back. And finally, this April, got my ...
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Our group with northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba. Photo by Dan Harper

Photographing Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba

So there we were, trying not to freeze our various body parts off at minus 40, which is about the same whether it's Fahrenheit or Celsius. We were in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, to photograph northern lights since now and the next couple of years are supposed to be incredible. Our group ...
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Vulcania conic structure houses volcanology exhibits (Credit: MCArnott)

Learning about Volcanology in Auvergne, France

I am holding my breath while other fellow voyagers let out screams of exhilaration. We are tumbling at a vertiginous speed -- so it seems -- into the magma chamber of an active volcano. The idea of hell crosses my mind. Then I remember: We are in a simulator. We haven’t moved ...
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