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Winter travel is not everyone’s cup of tea: You have to carry more luggage, roads can be dangerous, flights are delayed. But for those cold weather enthusiasts who love the who love the crystal clarity of winter air, the creak of cold, dry snow underfoot,  and the exhilaration of sliding, slipping, schussing, or skiing through bracing air, we have have some — dare we say it — super cool trips.

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Winter Activities: The Bucket List

Our group with northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba. Photo by Dan Harper

Photographing Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba

So there we were, trying not to freeze our various body parts off at minus 40, which is about the same whether it's Fahrenheit or Celsius. We were in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, to photograph northern lights since now and the next couple of years are supposed to be incredible. Our group ...
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Dogsledding in Quebec

Dogsledding at Station Touristique Duchesnay, Quebec

Straining, barking, bouncing up and down, our dogsled team came to a slippery halt. It wasn't a solid stop, by any means. Even with his full weight on the metal brake - and mine on the sled itself - John was having a heck of a time holding back this ...
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XC in Yellowstone

Cross-country Skiing in Yellowstone National Park

  The older I get, the more I love cross country skiing as much as downhill skiing. Marcela McAllister, a New Jersey woman in her 70s, whom I met over coffee at Freeheel and Wheel, a rental shop just outside Yellowstone National Park in West Yellowstone, MT, loves it too. “There ...
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Sled Dogs, Iditarod

Watching the Start of the Iditarod in Anchorage, Alaska

Superlatives lose their meaning in Alaska. So it only seems fitting that the Iditarod, called "the toughest race on earth," should take place in the state with North America's highest peak, largest expanses of wilderness, biggest uninhabited forests, most expansive vistas of frozen tundra, and iciest seas. In Your Bucket Because... ...
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Quebec Winter Carnaval

Embracing the Cold at the Quebec Winter “Carnaval”

I'm standing on a platform high above Quebec City's Plains of Abraham while some guy is attaching my body harness to a long cable. One by one, my friends and I jump, swooping on a zip line over the clowns, the kids on toboggans, and the snow sculptures of Winter Carnaval's Place Desjardins. It's cold. Probably ...
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Reindeer Sleighride (Photo Credit: RogersPhotos)

Driving a Reindeer Sled at the Arctic Circle in Finland

Reindeer have a bit more sense of dignity than sled dogs at the prospect of pulling a sled through the snow. They do not jump up and down in place yipping excitedly at the sight of a sled, as dogs do. I’d been dogsledding the day before, across Finland’s snow-covered ...
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