Iceland: Exploring the land of fire and ice

One of the world’s most fascinating destinations for “hot stuff” – geothermally speaking – and cool winter sports (plus the Northern Lights), Iceland straddles the continental plates of America and Europe, with the rift valley between them both a historic and geologic wonder. Iceland’s population is less than that of Tampa, Florida, with most residents clustered in the classy capital city of Reykjavík, and 70% of the country is uninhabitable because of volcanic forces. Unique adventures await when you plan a trip to this Nordic island.

Northern Lights in Iceland. Photo by Icelandic Tourist Board

Eating Like A Viking in Iceland

"They really didn't pee on the shark. It only smells that way," my friend is telling me as I peer dubiously at a bowl of white cubes amid the pile of curious Icelandic munchies on a wooden tray. Nothing is more dear to an Icelander than food and in February, after ...
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