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Tyne Cot 4

Wondering Why in Flanders’ Fields: the First World War Battlefields of Belgium

“Why?” demands Raoul. We stand in a line, look at our toes and shuffle our feet uneasily on the spot. “Why?” he demands again. It isn’t that we don’t know why the gravestones in front of us, white as a row of perfect teeth, are jostling shoulder to shoulder like a ...
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Bright colors in St. Lucia's clear waters

Wreck Diving St. Lucia’s Lesleen M

I am looking at what appears to be a Christmas display of clear crystal glass oranmnts all clustered together. Except, I am underwater, and the transparent, shimmering orbs are pressed against the ceiling of what used to be the cargo hold of a ship. They are air bubbles, thousands of them, ...
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Soaring Underground

Ziplining at Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky

The neatest thing about zipling in a cave is that jumping off the platform means soaring into almost total darkness. Kentucky’s Louisville Mega Cavern is the only place to have this experience. The course in the 100-acre cavern (formerly a man-made limestone pit) consists of six zips and three suspended bridges. Many ...
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cloud forest

Ziplining in Costa Rica

I am standing on a platform about 60 feet above the ground, getting ready to swing through the Costa Rican rainforest like a Central American Tarzan. Or a scientist. The zipline is at the five-star Bourinquen Resort, an eco-resort in Guanacaste, which offers not only ziplining, but also combination ziplining-horseback riding ...
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St. Lucia zipline through the rainforest

Ziplining in St. Lucia: Flying over the Tropical Rainforest

It's a different perspective up here. Standing on a small wooden platform that is securely bolted to a tree, I'm looking down perhaps 100 feet to the ground over a tangle of variegated greens: Gray greens, blue greens, lime greens, deep greens, even purple greens. The next platform is eight ...
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Flying through the jungle

Ziplining in Thailand near Chiang Mai

Our guide approaches us, his nose seemingly buried in what looks like an instruction manual with the words "trainee instruction book" handlettered on the cover. He is holding it upside down and wearing a big grin. The upside-down part, at least, seems arguably appropriate; A few minutes later, we'll have a ...
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