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Leaves hang over Knights Pond (Photo by Rachael Cerrotti)

A Private Viewing of Maine’s Fall Foliage on Knights Pond Road

Tucked away in Northport, Maine is a barely-inhabited pond that for me distills what it means to be in Maine in the autumn. Peaceful and quiet, Knights Pond Road is a well-kept secret, a haven passed over by those traveling up and down the tourist towns of Route 1. There ...
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Rodeo along Chile's Carretera Austral (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

A Road Trip Down Chile’s Carretera Austral

Two men with furrowed faces under wide sombreros enter the arena. Callused hands leisurely hold the reins of the horses and short ponchos striped in natural colors fall around the cowboys' shoulders. A gate is opened, a young bull set loose. Let the game begin!Read More ...
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stockholm rooftops

A Rooftop Tour of Stockholm, Sweden

This unusual tour starts by taking an elevator in an unprepossessing building certainly past its prime. We rise to the top floor, then climb a narrow stairway into a cramped attic space where brightly colored climbing gear and shining hardware is neatly organized. I don harness and a helmet, and ...
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Zambia safari

A Safari in Zambia, the Lesser Known Africa

Any trip that starts with an elephant sauntering past the front door of your African lodge promises to be good. And it was. "A couple of weeks ago, we had an elephant up on the deck drinking from the plunge pool," said one of the staff at Robin Pope Safaris’ Luangwa ...
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A Topper in the Amazon Rainforest: Pasensie Guesthouse in Suriname

I sit on the landing stage. The moon glistens on the Suriname River and the rainforest across the river has become a black wall. Croaking frogs and chirping crickets penetrate the silence of the night. I have traveled deep into the Surinamese rainforest. Drums that are being played in Pikin Slee ...
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flower boxes

A Walking Tour Of Old-Town Tallinn, Estonia

When I was a child, I was given a family heirloom: A postcard album from great grandparents who had fled Estonia in the late nineteenth century (something to do with my great grandfather's accounting irregularities in the Czar's army). I can't read the cramped script; I can't even tell what language the ...
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