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Bonefishing in the Bahamas

Bonefishing in the Bahamas’ Long Island

As we pulled into beach- and rock-rimmed Calabash Bay, I could not have cared less about casting for bonefish. All I wanted to do was gape at the way the shallow waters changed shades of jewel-tone green according to shifting clouds and white sand or rocky bottom and shoot pictures. But ...
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Zorba's is equally Greek, Bahamian, and American and where I finally tried sheep tongue souse.

Breakfasting like the Natives on Grand Bahama Island

I may have gulped slightly as I stared down the bowl of “sheep tongue souse” on my breakfast table. I had tried most of the other unusual traditional breakfast dishes during my years of travel to the Bahamas; this visit I was determined to leap out of my comfort zone ...
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Bungee (Bungy) Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Auckland, New Zealand

What I really want to do here in Auckland is the SkyJump. You're tied securely into a large harness connected to a wire, then dropped off the Sky Tower, where you zip downward for 11 seconds before landing gently. I saw contestants on "The Biggest Loser" do it one season, ...
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Pastry counter at Laduree Royale in Paris (Photo credit: MCArnott)

Buying Macarons at Ladurée Pastry-shop in Paris

Will it be a chocolate diamond, a raspberry ruby, or a lavender aquamarine? My taste buds are on alert: I might even have more than three. If there is such a thing as an epicurean gem, this is where to find it. So, why are Ladurée macarons such a big deal? ...
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Pickled Lemons in Bulk at the Food Market (credit MCArnott)

Buying Moroccan Food at Tangier’s Market

A maze of crooked streets in the medina, lead soldiers at the Forbes Museum, annoying haggling in the souks, perfumes at Medini’s, antiques at Majid’s, traditional crafts at the Centre de l’Artisannat… These are the sights and sounds of Tangier. But its pulse is truly taken through the taste buds. Don’t ...
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Chac Mool Waiting for the Sun

Calling Quetzals at Chichen Itza in Mexico

We are standing at the foot at El Castillo, near the bottom of the staircase famous for producing a snake-like shadow on the equinox, and taking turns clapping, looking satisfied at one another, and inviting the next person to take a turn. Through some ancient Mayan design of precision, when ...
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