Middle East

Trips in the Middle East include excursions in Israel, Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf region.

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Middle East: The Bucket List


The view from the Burj Khalifa

Scraping the Sky at the Burj Khalifa, Dubai

I lean against the wall of silvered mirror tiles and watch as the doors close, then wait for that lurch of my stomach as the elevator begins its long journey. But surprisingly, it doesn’t come. It’s a smooth ride, the only indication that we are travelling swiftly upwards is the ...
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Young Arab woman in traditional Muslim hijab dress. Dubai, UAE. She is speaking to visitors at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding where local people and visitors can meet to learn more about each other's culture.  Here she is showing various kinds of head gear worn by men. Photo by Yvette Cardozo

Visiting Dubai’s Center for Cultural Understanding

The modern city of Dubai sprang from the desert, seemingly erupted, in just a few decades. The city gleams and sparkles with buildings of glass and steel that soar, lean, bulge, twist and fold, often appearing to defy gravity. And the people -- the people are not what a visitor from ...
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Camels being taken to a track for race training in Dubai, UAE. The small objects on some camel's backs are robot jockeys that are radio controlled. Camels are not strong enough to race with heavy weights. In earlier times, small children were used as jockeys but when laws were passed prohibiting this practice, the children were replaced with the five pound robots. Photo by Yvette Cardozo

Going on a Desert Safari, Dubai Style

  There’s lots not to miss in Dubai. But top of my list was the desert safari. Okay, it’s a tourist thing. But it’s still exotic, a peek at traditional Bedouin life -- and a total giggle. My two friends and I were picked up at our hotel in a four wheel drive ...
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Mangroves kayak tour

Kayaking Through the Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

A few minutes ago we were in Abu Dhabi, a noisy, bustling metropolis of high rise concrete, fast cars and muezzins. But here among the mangroves it is calm and peaceful, and there is no sound apart from the gentle swish of paddles. In Your Bucket Because... The mangroves provide a ...
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