North America

Trips in Canada, the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and Mexico.

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North America: The Bucket List

Riding Grand Canyon

Mule-back Riding Along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

I didn't expect to like the mule. I'm something of an equestrian -- some years more than others, but enough to be quite sure of my preference for the noble horse. And if, like me, you had never ridden a mule before, you might have a few stereotypes in mind: ...
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Field of Dreams movie site

Finding magic at the Field of Dreams

Where I grew up, the saying was the corn should be "knee high by the Fourth of July." It's Independence Day in Dyersville, Iowa, and the corn is over my head. I can't help but walk into the tall stalks, disappearing from sight like a whisper. It's there, and I ...
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Maine Windjammers off Rockland (Photo by Stillman Rogers)

Sailing on Maine Windjammer Angelique

My husband Tim is a sailing ship nut who could happily spend day after day standing on a swaying deck watching the sails billow and the shore slide past. Born a century earlier, he might have run away to sea as a cabin boy. But would 12-year-old Mary and I ...
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Inglewood street scene

Shopping the Quirky Boutiques of Inglewood, Calgary, Canada

"You are never a great man when you have more mind than heart." The quote from British historian E.P. Beauchene, painted on a mural beside the DaDe Art and Design Lab on 9th Avenue SE in Calgary, could well be the slogan for the surrounding Inglewood neighborhood. Heart is certainly not ...
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