Sleeping like Monks in the Caves of Goreme in Cappadocia

The Great Clash of Nature-001

As an independent traveler, it happens every so often: You find yourself walking beside a road in the middle of the desert, cars whizzing by you with little regard, no more than a bottle of water and a book in your bag. It was that way one afternoon … [Read more...]

Living Large at the Burj al Arab in Dubai


"Ah, not the elevator," my friend said in the lobby of Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel. "We will ride the submarine to the restaurant." And indeed, we did. After entering a small capsule with bucket seats and fastening our seat belts, lights flickered, … [Read more...]

Drifting Between Continents on a Bosphorus Day-Cruise in Istanbul

Bridge from Europe to Asia in Istambul

Talk about Continental Drift: I am floating -- literally -- between Asia and Europe. To my left is familiarity, reassuring names like Paris and Venice, Vienna and Madrid. To my right are places like Kazakhstan and Urumqi: the exotic lands of western … [Read more...]