New Zealand: The Bucket List

New Zealand is a top destination for adventure travel, and rightfully so. The Kiwis invented the bungee jump, the Zorb, jet boats, ski planes, and blokarts. Home to jungles and glaciers, geothermal areas and sandy beaches, it’s one of the most appealing destinations on Earth.

Yellow-eyed penguin in nest (Courtesy Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust)

Searching for the Yellow-eyed Penguin in New Zealand

The word “maybe” is out. We might see some, but there is no guarantee. Do we still want to go? We do. A guide points to our transportation: an 8-wheel-drive Argo, a cross between a tractor and a boat. We'll be taking this vehicle to see the penguins Read More

Mt. Ngauruhoe on New Zealand's North Island

Tramping Tongariro and Climbing Ngauruhoe in New Zealand

Authors update: Volcanic eruptions occasionally close the trails inthis region. Check the New Zealand Department of Conservation website for current information about the status of trails in and around Tongariro National Park.  It feels like Read More