Strolling Around Uruguay’s Most Scenic Village: Colonia del Sacramento

Calle de Suspiros (©photocoen).

I pick up the thermos and fill up the gourd with mate, a popular herbal tea in Uruguay. It's a drink you share with others, so I hand the gourd to my partner Coen, who takes one last photograph before he sits down next to me. We're sitting on a … [Read more...]

Discovering Franciscan Churches around Asunción, Paraguay

Hand painted altar in a Franciscan church (©photocoen).

It all started with a photo: a beautiful photograph of an old wooden altar featuring an angel killing a devil, painted in blue tinges. Some of the paint had chipped off and the wood was damaged, and it was clearly a piece from colonial times. The … [Read more...]

Reliving Games in Brazil’s Soccer Museum of São Paulo

The soccer museum in São Paulo's Pacaembu Stadium. (©photocoen)

"The defeat of all defeats," the Brazilian headlines recently cried after Brazil's devastating loss against Germany in the World Cup 2014. Losing 7 to 1 on your own territory in the semi finals is a major crushing indeed. For the second time Brazil … [Read more...]

Scaling the Walls of Cartagena

The Old City

Having traveled quite a bit in Central America, with some unfortunate soirees in the rather gruesome metropolises, the first surprise I got from Cartagena was that people — droves of people — were still out on the streets at night. My flight had … [Read more...]

Stargazing through a Telescope at Chile’s Cerro Mamalluca

The moon seen through a telescope (©photocoen)

  The sun was setting on my arrival; it was still too early to see all the planets and stars. Our guide suggested to take a look at the moon. One by one we moved behind the telescope and admired a half-full moon. It felt so close that if I … [Read more...]

Climbing the Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru

View of Machu Picchu from Mountain Machu Picchu (©photocoen)

As Peru was going to be the next country on my itinerary in South America, I read the Buckettripper account of my colleague Grace Lichtenstein about climbing the Huayna Picchu, one of the mountains at the famous Machu Picchu ruins, with specific … [Read more...]