Touring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin in Wisconsin

Taliesin, home of Frank Lloyd Wright. ©Melanie Radzicki McManus

When you live in Frank Lloyd Wright’s former backyard, you hear lots of stories. The famous architect was a skinflint who never paid his taxes. He was a scoundrel who bullied people and thought he was all that. He had expensive tastes and … [Read more...]

Exploring Horicon Marsh in Southeast Wisconsin

Hundreds of bird species flock to Horicon Marsh. ©Melanie Radzicki McManus

Small knots of birders are standing on the floating boardwalk, all gazing in one direction. What has caught their collective eye? I'm not a "birder" (the proper term for what we non-birders would call a "birdwatcher"), so I assume it's some tiny … [Read more...]

Walking the Geneva Lake Shore Path in Southeast Wisconsin

Flowers are blooming along the Geneva Lake Shore Path. ©Melanie Radzicki McManus

It had seemed like such a pleasant idea: spend the day strolling around Geneva Lake. Yes, the path encircling the lake was long — some 20-odd miles — but we had the whole day. Plus, we'd have one of the prettiest lakes in Wisconsin on our left to … [Read more...]

Feasting at a Fish Boil in Door County, Wisconsin

Fish boil in Wisconsin

It just sounds disgusting, no matter how you word it. Fish Boil. Boiled Fish. Boiled white fish. With boiled white potatoes. At best, it doesn’t sound that appealing, but if when in Rome, do as the Romans, then when in Door County, boil … [Read more...]

Ziplining in Wisconsin Dells

Dells Zipline

I hate heights. I really hate heights. So why in the world am I perched on the edge of a sky-high platform, ready to step off into the abyss below? Because my family wants to try ziplining, that’s why. And though terrified, I don’t want to be … [Read more...]

Kayaking the Apostle Islands Sea Caves in Lake Superior


Even though we don't have to wear wetsuits today, just an apron-type splash guard and life vest, the minute I don both, I begin to sweat. How in the world will I last all day in this garb – while working out pretty hard, no less? Both items are a … [Read more...]

Hitting the Water Slides at Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells

The Scorpion's Tail at Noah's Ark propels riders more than 50 feet per second. (Courtesy Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau)

I nervously eye the long, clear tube. Ten stories high, it plunges steeply down, tilts to a 45-degree angle while making an enormous loop-de-loop, then drops into a narrow chute, where it deposits its contents — humans. Dubbed the Scorpion's Tail, … [Read more...]