Being a Watchful Traveler: Thieves Know Best!


Beware of benches! (Courtesy Sandra Friend)

Beware of benches! (Courtesy Sandra Friend)


It’s time to remember this once and for all: Let’s keep our eyes on our bag(s) at ALL times!

Check out the link at the end of this article! You will see how thieves know how to get hold of our valuables when we travel… even when we keep them safely in our carry-on bags.

This reminds me of a drive from southern Spain to France, and of Alicante where we had overnighted. We had been sitting on a bench by the marina, my large handbag “securely held” by my heels, when I felt it slightly sliding back. I quickly turned around and there he was! A young guy whose face was so close to mine as he bent to pull the bag–while his friends casually hid him from by-passers–and yet still pretended he was “doing nothing.” When I shouted for everyone to hear that he was a thief, he said equally loudly that I was a crazy woman. His group casually walked away, likely to their next victim.

These thieves are so experienced that in one instant your trip can turn into hell.

A travel insurance would relieve some of the resulting stress. Remember that it would substantiate your claim to have a report from the local police. Furthermore, filing a complaint identifies you and could lead to recovering some of your items.

When traveling to “risky” places, it’s a good idea to keep photocopies of your valuables (traveling documents, credit cards, camera, wallet, phone, jewelry, and anything else you might have in your carry-on/handbag). It will help when you’ll need to describe  them when you report the loss/theft to your insurance company, bank, credit card provider, etc.

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