UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Launched in 1994, the Global Strategy for a Representative, Balanced and Credible World Heritage List reflects the world’s cultural and natural diversity. World Heritage Sites are chosen based on their outstanding universal value.

It is BucketTripper’s goal to have our writers collectively visit all 1007 World Heritage Sites (or as many as are safe for travelers) — and to give you a close, personal account of what it’s like to experience these exceptional destinations. To see how we’re doing, check out the stories, below.

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UNESCO Sites: The Bucket List


Leadlights of the St Peter and Paul Cathedral in Paramaribo, Suriname (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

A Guided Tour of Suriname’s St Peter and Paul Cathedral in Paramaribo

I stood in front of the largest wooden structure in the Caribbean, Latin America, the Western Hemisphere or the world, depending on whom I talked to. Verifiable facts are that the St Peter and Paul cathedral is 161 feet long, 54 feet wide, 48 feet tall, and is the biggest ...
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Stroll Among the Ruins of Jesuit Missions in Paraguay

Dark red bricks stand out against a stark blue sky. Long shadows peter out over fields, the soft light of the late afternoon giving the ruins an air of mystery. Who was that saint draped in a robe, holding a staff in his right hand? Or that elegantly dressed women, ...
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Taking the train: a stream train at the industry and Empire gallery

Taking a Guided Tour of the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Standing at the information desk in the yawning, vaulted depths of Edinburgh’s newly-refurbished National Museum of Scotland, I’m waiting for the 2 o’clock tour. I’m alone, though it’s bank holiday Monday and pouring with rain and the place is heaving with harassed families trying to keep tabs on small children ...
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Armenian Pottery in Jerusalem

What to Buy in Israel: Souvenir Shopping in the Holy Land

I am standing on a street Jesus might have walked on, touching a coin he most certainly never touched, but could have -- "could have" in the sense that lawyers on TV use the words when they bellow, "So it's possible then that my client was just an innocent bystander ...
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Indian One-horned Rhino Are Being Reintroduced to Manas. Photo credit: I. Robinson

Wildlife Touring in Manas National Park, India

The herd of Asian elephants just ahead wants to cross the road. We stop to let them pass. They also stop. There's a moment of silence, a stand-off, if you will. Then the matriarch raises her trunk, bellows and mock charges us. The driver throws the jeep into reverse and ...
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Rock paintings in Serra Capivara National Park, Brazil (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

Visit UNESCO-listed Rock Paintings in Brazil’s Serra Capivara National Park

Smack in the middle of Brazil's sun-scorched, dun-colored, vast and desolate northeastern Sertão region lies a national park. Why? What's there to see? I read a local guidebook, became fascinated and jotted down the park on my bucket list. The park is home to 800 rock shelters with hundreds of rock ...
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Baganda Drums

Exploring the Royal Culture of the Baganda of Uganda

My drum is meant for royalty. It has a sleek black calfskin drumhead, and the cords that keep it taut are carefully knotted in precise geometric patterns. There is something pleasing about the proportions of this drum. I bought it at a road-side workshop, from Baganda drum-makers who are part ...
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The old buildings of the Canongate, from the churchyard

Exploring the Canongate in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

Right in the centre of Edinburgh, on its famous Royal Mile, I’m at the World’s End. Sounds like a riddle? It isn’t. I’m actually outside the World’s End pub, named because it was here that the security of the medieval city ended and the great outside, in the shape of ...
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