UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Launched in 1994, the Global Strategy for a Representative, Balanced and Credible World Heritage List reflects the world’s cultural and natural diversity. World Heritage Sites are chosen based on their outstanding universal value.

It is BucketTripper’s goal to have our writers collectively visit all 1007 World Heritage Sites (or as many as are safe for travelers) — and to give you a close, personal account of what it’s like to experience these exceptional destinations. To see how we’re doing, check out the stories, below.

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UNESCO Sites: The Bucket List


Cavannah cave was mined for phosphate during he 1870s.  Photo by Bruce N. Meyer

Spelunking on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla

The Caribbean island of Anguilla is renowned for 33 pure white sand beaches that consistently appear on those popular magazine "top 10 lists." And you won't get an argument from me. But my husband and I have been known to approach life with a different perspective. So what did we do ...
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Sunrise on Uluru (Credit: MCArnott)

Greeting the Sunrise at Uluru in Australia Red Centre

I feel as if I am part of an entourage waiting for the awakening of the Sun King. Except that here at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (aka Ayers Rock), cameras, tripods, binoculars and phones are contemporary evidence that the real sun is rising. And this event is not reserved for ...
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Mudwalking in Northern Holland

Mud-Walking through a UNESCO Site in Northern Holland

After we reach the age of eight or nine, most of us regard mud as something to step over or walk around. I considered this as I slogged across what appeared to be an endless mudflat at Noordpolderzijl, in the north of Holland. I wasn’t alone – in the mud ...
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Taking in the view after scrambling to the top of the Mountain in Wadi Rum (Photo by Rachael Cerrotti)

Living and Hiking with the Bedouins at Jordan’s Wadi Rum

Just 70 kilometers north of Aqaba, there is a Bedouin Village in a place called Wadi Rum. The valley, or wadi -- one of Jordan’s most important historical sites --  is cut into the sandstone and granite cliffs in a landscape so stark it is known as the Valley of ...
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Camino de Santiago da Compostela

Hiking Spain’s Camino to Santiago de Compostela

As I trudged along the dirt path winding its way up the mountain, my eyes were peeled for yellow arrows or scallop shells — the trail markers indicating the way to Santiago. I hadn't seen any in a while, which made me a bit uneasy. Suddenly I spied the church ...
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Flowers in February at Kew Gardens (photo credit: Jill Browne)

Smelling the Flowers at Kew Gardens, London, England

I’m looking at hundreds, possibly thousands, of orchid blossoms in one of the world’s absolute best plant places: Kew Gardens, London. The waxy lustre of the extravagant petals gives the deceptive impression that these plants are indestructible. Hardly so. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is one of the world leaders in plant ...
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Mexico's Wintering Monarchs will Land on your Hand (photo by Bob Bowers)

The Monarchs of Mexico’s El Rosario Biosphere Preserve

My wife and I had just finished a simple breakfast of juice, pan dulce and coffee in Angangueo, a small village in Mexico’s central mountains.  The early February air at 8,300 feet is chilled, suggesting we add a layer or two before heading to El Rosario, a half mile higher ...
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A camel wrangler in Petra

Exploring the Ruined City of Petra in Jordan

My conversation with Nasser started the way these conversations so often do. “30 dinar! It’s a good price!” “No, it’s too much.” “How much you want to pay?” “I don’t want to pay, I want to walk.” “25 dinar, then. I give you good price.” And so on. We settled at 20 dinar – which just happens ...
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