What a Travel Writer does on Vacation

This is going to be a vacation, a real vacation. We’re heading south to the sun to escape the long, drear, Scottish winter which this year has extended into spring. I’m determined to do nothing, take no notes, make no trips, nothing.
So I do nothing.

He's in the frame at last!

He’s in the frame at last!

We sit on loungers around the pool either reading or watching other people reading or lounging, checking the temperatures back home (still hovering around freezing) or dip our sun-warmed bodies into the water to cool off. Bliss! We do this all day, every day.

I don’t join in the Aquarobics, the t’ai chi class or even pay much attention to the fashion show around the pool. I take photos of my husband instead of squeezing him out of the frame as I usually do, so that I can use the photo in an article.

We make a couple of brief sorties out of the hotel just to see where we are. We walk along the boardwalk (windy) and look at the sea (the Atlantic – toe-curling cold) and then return to the warm oasis of the hotel for a coffee and a large slice of strawberry gateau (delicious).

We spend a whole week like this and return home relaxed, refreshed and with nothing, absolutely nothing, for me to write about. Well, almost nothing….


  1. says

    Ha! It’s so true about “convincing” husbands and such to stand still for the pictures. I’m hoping they’ll believe me that posing for me is the first step to a modelling career. Haven’t told them the photographers will be my travel writer friends.
    Thanks for a light look at your vacation, Ann.

    • says

      Oops, I’ve a misplaced comma there. I meant it to say that normally I squeeze him out of photos as I don’t want him in the ones I use for my writing. And they say we don’t need commas any more!

  2. Anthony Toole says

    Hi Ann. I tried that once, when my wife and I visited Barcelona for a long weekend to celebrate her birthday. We had a lovely time and I took no notes or details of our trips, and just relaxed and enjoyed the place. About a month later, I regretted it. I could have written perhaps two good articles, but without my usual detailed notes, was unable to do so to my satisfaction. Barcelona remains the only place I have visited in the last several years that I have not written about.

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